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24x7 Blood Bank

The Blood Bank of Chazhikattu Hospital is a fully licensed centre for the issue of blood and blood components. The blood bank collects blood only from healthy voluntary donors. All blood groups are detected by advanced techniques which include, cell grouping as well as serum grouping. Each unit of blood is screened by internationally approved methods for various transfusion transmitted diseases. A donor unit is separated into four basic components. Packed red cells, Platelet concentrate, Fresh Frozen Plasma, and Cryoprecipitate. Our blood banking system follows stringent measures in maintaining quality and services. The blood bank works 24×7.

The blood bank component separation unit is using the latest version of German-made Cryofuge, Thermo Fisher Scientific. It can separate 8 units of whole blood into components at a time, assuring good quality.

All blood units are being screened for HIV, Hepatitis B & C, VDRL, and Malaria by ELISA method using Bio-Rad ELISA system. It is a 4th generation ELISA method minimising the window period of transfusion transmitted diseases.

Blood groups are detected by advanced gel techniques, a method that makes the serological grouping of the blood error-proof.

Blood Bank of Chazhikattu Hospital has participated in the External Quality Control Assessment Program with CMC Vellore. We take part in their EQAS Program for precise results of Transfusion Transmitted Diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B & C, VDRL, and Malaria, as well as all serological tests like Grouping and Cross-Matching and Irregular Antibody Detection. The results are being compared with their results with an interval of 3 months.


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