CMS Karkinos Cancer Care Services

Cancer is a life-altering disease that can affect one in five Indians sometime during their lifetime. As per cancer registry data, in Kerala, there are 974 female cancer and 913 male cancer patients per million. In one year, roughly 35,000 new cancer cases are diagnosed. The disease not only causes great distress to the affected person but family and friends are also put through severe emotional and financial difficulties. However, thanks to scientific advancements and modern medical technologies. In recent years, it is possible to achieve more positive outcomes of cancer therapy. Using the latest technologies and medical advances, the Department of CMS Karkinos Cancer Services has been set up to extend comprehensive cancer care service that meets international standards. The CMS Karkinos Cancer Centre is led by a panel of expert oncologists, trained oncology nurses, and efficient laboratory staff who will oversee the progress of the patient’s health right from diagnosis to palliative care in a comprehensive manner.

The department’s motto is to deliver seamless patient experience and patient navigation expertise based on digitally-supported care pathways that offer services ranging from early detection, diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, and palliative care. Screening for cancers of the breast, cervix, oral, colorectal, prostate, and lung will be made available to the citizens of Thodupuzha, Kothamangalam, and the surrounding areas. The department’s state-of-the-art laboratory is sophisticatedly designed for accurate cancer diagnosis and in planning an effective treatment course.

As cancer is a tough journey for the patient as well as their loved ones, our department will be a partner during the trying times and help provide patients with informed, evidence-based, and personalized treatment plans and counseling services.

Major conditions handled:

An in-house oncologist will be present five days a week to consult for surgical-related services. Surgery, if required, will be done in the hospital by world-renowned specialist onco-surgeons.
Cancer patients and their caregivers typically travel anywhere between 40 and 200 km to get chemotherapy. Almost 15% of the expense a patient incurs is for travel and accommodation to the facilities providing cancer treatment. By reducing the travel time, cancer patients in and around Thodupuzha benefit significantly from the cancer care centre; which is powered by day-care chemotherapy services offered at the hospital.
Cancers detected at an early stage are cured better. Our centre will offer screening for the common forms of cancer, enabling early detection of the disease.
The team is led by an experienced and competent team of oncologists and radiologists who can constructively provide follow-up opinions and consultations.
Palliation is not just about treating the terminally ill. In fact, it can be incorporated very early in the course of treatment to address the physical, mental, and social problems a patient and his/her family faces. The department will achieve this to ensure the quality of life of the patient is sustained in the care journey.

The goal of pathological examination of tissue is to provide accurate, specific, and sufficiently comprehensive diagnoses to enable the treating physician to develop an optimal plan of treatment. Samples and specimens from the CMS Karkinos Center will be sent to a central lab and reported by a team of leading onco-pathologists.

Other key services include:

Experienced Medical Team

The CMS Karkinos Cancer Centre combines the medical expertise of multi-disciplinary doctors and nurses with state-of-the-art diagnostics, technology as well as innovative strength to provide the best-in-class treatment services to our patients. A team of cancer specialists – headed by Dr. Moni Abraham, Head and Neck Surgical Oncologist, Professor, Roswell Park Cancer Institute and Dr. K. Ramdas, Professor, Head- Radiation Oncology Regional Cancer Centre, Director of Radiation and Allied services – review every case together to formulate, plan, and organize an interdisciplinary treatment that is personalized for each patient.

Doctors on the panel

Dr. Moni Abraham Kuriakose (1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month) MBCHB, FDSRCS, FFDRCS, FRCS, FRCS Ed., FRCS, MD Head and Neck Surgical Oncologist, Professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute CEO & Director Medical Affairs Karkinos Healthcare, Kerala.
Dr K Ramdas (1st Wednesday of every month)
Former Additional Director & Head Radiation Oncology, RCC, Trivandrum
Director Radiation and Allied services, Karkinos Healthcare
Dr. Boaz Vincent (Thursday and Friday)
MBBS, MD (CMC, Vellore)
Radiation Oncologist, Karkinos Healthcare
Dr Angela Elizabeth Eapen (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)
MBBS, MD (RCC, Trivandrum)
Radiation Oncologist, Karkinos Healthcare
Dr. Aromal Vijayarajan (Mon-Sat)
MBBS, MD (CMC, Vellore)
Radiation Oncologist, Karkinos Healthcare

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